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The efficacy of insulating heat shrinkable sleeves

The most critical function of insulating heat shrinkable sleeves is of course insulation maintenance. The efficacy of heat shrinkable sleeves is very common: anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, anti-electricity (insulation), and anti-leakage. Heat shrinkable sleeve performance: It has the functions of high temperature shrinkage, environmental protection, soft flame retardancy, insulation and corrosion resistance. Because of the high-quality properties of heat-shrinkable sleeves, insulating heat-shrinkable sleeves are widely used in various vehicle wiring harnesses, spot welding, insulation maintenance of inductors, rust-proof treatment of metal hoses and rods, corrosion resistance, etc. . The insulation voltage level of the insulating heat-shrinkable sleeve is 600V, which can be completely applied to the insulation maintenance of the whole vehicle wiring harness of electrical products. Therefore, in the electrical products and other industries, after opening, the internal electronic devices can often be maintained with heat-shrinkable sleeves.

Insulation of solenoid coils for resistors and capacitors

The heat shrinkable sleeve is used to bind and fix the wiring harness of the whole vehicle and the insulating insulating heat shrinkable sleeve of the terminal block. What industry is suitable for: the insulating heat shrinkable sleeve can be used in the electrical and electronic fields, aerospace, mechanical engineering, wiring harness oil channel , shipbuilding and other industries.

Category of high voltage insulation

First make sure to tell everyone the result: heat shrink tubing is insulating. What is the insulation performance of heat shrinkable sleeves? The insulation level of the basic heat shrinkable sleeve is 600V rated current, and there will be some thin heat shrinkable sleeves. The insulation level is only 300V, which can reach most of the bottom pressure insulation. If it is used for high-voltage insulation, special high-voltage insulation heat-shrinkable sleeves (that is, busbar heat-shrinkable sleeves) must be used. The insulation grades of busbar heat-shrinkable sleeves are divided into three levels: 1KV, 10KV and 35KV. In the case of using insulating high-voltage heat-shrinkable sleeves, it is necessary to know the voltage level to avoid production safety accidents. Under normal circumstances, the voltage level without a name is 600V.

Post time: Jun-22-2022