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lightning arrester accessories

  • Overhead in Fault Indicator

    Overhead in Fault Indicator

    General: SJWL-SGFI / II two-in-one indicator shorted to ground distribution circuit branch a lot of frequent failure to find fault line is the power line maintenance personnel headache thing to find a ground fault sometimes half a day, some from the morning to find the evening , In Inner Mongolia have to find a few days. Therefore, installation of fault indicators can greatly improve the reliability of power supply, reduce labor intensity, shorten the power outage time. Product Features: Sho...
  • Panel Type Fault Indicator

    Panel Type Fault Indicator

    General: The short-circuit current sensor and the ground current sensor are respectively connected with the panel instrument main body through the optical fiber. After the failure. the sensor transmits the signal to the panel mainframe host through the optical fiber to judge. Installation Position: • Installed at the first substation outlet of the long line of the cable): it can be judged that there is a fault in the station or outside the line; • Installed in the user into the transformer i...
  • monitor for lightning arrester

    monitor for lightning arrester

    arrester monitor is used to record arrester action number and leakage current. 
  • lightning counterOutdoor Lightning Counter Lightning Counter

    lightning counterOutdoor Lightning Counter Lightning Counter

    The Surge Counter is connected under the arrester in serial, it isused for recording the operating times of arrester. JS-8 type is allied for 6KV -220KV arrester. The environment condition shall meet the requirement of the arrester, for example, the altitude doesn’t exceed 4000m, the environment temperature is -40 Centigrade, the counter can’t be put in the place that includes gas eroding metal and insulation parts, serious pollution and drastic vibration.    The Discharging Count...