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Pad Mounted Transformer Components

  • 35kV Oil-immersed two-position loadbreak switch
  • Oil-immersed four-position loadbreak switch

    Oil-immersed four-position loadbreak switch

    12kV 630A Oil-filled four-position load switch is designed for ring-type US-box ring change cabinet designed to meet the IEEE, IEC and GB standards of all requirements. Can be used in grounded or underground systems.  Oil-immersed four-position load switch in the installation, close to the transformer core can minimize the internal connection Cable capacitance, and thus significantly reduce the loop in the ferromagnetic resonance. Both side mounting and top mounting are available For general ...
  • Oil-immersed two-position loadbreak switch

    Oil-immersed two-position loadbreak switch

    Oil-immersed two-position loadbreak switch is mainly used for terminal type American box change, with spring operating mechanism, is a three-phase linkage switch to complete the load breaking and closing operation. By the two two-position load switches can also be composed of ring-type switching system for the ring-type distribution system, two-position switch state: on, off. 10kV rating can be used for wind power projects in the use of transformers. Before use the transformer needs drying. M...
  • XRNT backup fuse

    XRNT backup fuse

    The magne X interrupter is used in series with low current primary protection devices such as a Bay-o-net Fuse or Magne X The magne X interrupter . The magne X interrupter highly efficient current-limiting section minimizes the effects of high fault current stresses on equipment and the distribution system.Its minimum interrupting rating is coordinated with that of a low current interrupter to avoid undesirable low current operation ; yet its maximum interrupting rating will clear the highest...
  • SMRS Fuse wire

    SMRS Fuse wire

    Dual sensing fuse wire is used in Bay O-net fuse assemblies to protect distribution apparatus form damaging currents and to protect distribution systems from failed apparatus. Dual sensing fuse wire not only secondary faults , excessive load currents and transformer fluid temperature. They will limit long-term transformer heating caused by overloads and high temperature environments Ratings Overview: Voltage Maximum Single-Phase Interrupting Rating Cover Mount Assembly (rms asymmetrical)...
  • bay o net fuse holder

    bay o net fuse holder

    Bay-o-net Assembly is the brief element of oil-transformer, to protect the equipment when over-current. When install the fuse wire in it, the Bay-o-net will provide the safe, highly efficient protection, according to the current, oil temperature. The Bay-o-net Assembly is suitable for current sensing fuse wire, dual sensing fuse wire, dual element fuse wire, and ELSP current-limiting backup fuse,etc. It is suitable for high-voltage power system with alternating current of 50HZ, standard volta...