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  • XRNT backup fuse

    XRNT backup fuse

    The magne X interrupter is used in series with low current primary protection devices such as a Bay-o-net Fuse or Magne X The magne X interrupter . The magne X interrupter highly efficient current-limiting section minimizes the effects of high fault current stresses on equipment and the distribution system.Its minimum interrupting rating is coordinated with that of a low current interrupter to avoid undesirable low current operation ; yet its maximum interrupting rating will clear the highest...
  • SMRS Fuse wire

    SMRS Fuse wire

    Dual sensing fuse wire is used in Bay O-net fuse assemblies to protect distribution apparatus form damaging currents and to protect distribution systems from failed apparatus. Dual sensing fuse wire not only secondary faults , excessive load currents and transformer fluid temperature. They will limit long-term transformer heating caused by overloads and high temperature environments Ratings Overview: Voltage Maximum Single-Phase Interrupting Rating Cover Mount Assembly (rms asymmetrical)...
  • bay o net fuse holder

    bay o net fuse holder

    Bay-o-net Assembly is the brief element of oil-transformer, to protect the equipment when over-current. When install the fuse wire in it, the Bay-o-net will provide the safe, highly efficient protection, according to the current, oil temperature. The Bay-o-net Assembly is suitable for current sensing fuse wire, dual sensing fuse wire, dual element fuse wire, and ELSP current-limiting backup fuse,etc. It is suitable for high-voltage power system with alternating current of 50HZ, standard volta...