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Title: The importance of lightning arresters in lightning protection

Surge arresters, also known as surge arresters, are an essential part of any lightning protection system. Lightning strikes can be catastrophic and life-threatening, so the use of lightning arrestors is essential to minimize the effects of lightning strikes. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of surge arresters in lightning protection, while also delving into the components that make up a high-quality surge arrester.

One of the vital components of a good quality arrester is the sulfur cured EPDM insulation used in its construction. Lightning strikes create high voltages that can damage equipment that comes into contact with it. EPDM insulation helps protect the arrester components by providing a barrier between the high voltage and the internal components of the arrester.

Another important component of surge arresters is their semiconductor shielding. This molded shield also helps protect the arrester from high voltage spikes, as it provides a path for excess energy to dump to the ground. Additionally, the molded semi-conductive EPDM boot meets the requirements of ANSI/IEEE Standard 592, ensuring it provides optimum protection.

The arrester core is another important part of a high-quality arrester. The core consists of a zinc oxide surge arrester valve plate treated with a special process, making it very effective in handling lightning voltage surges. The arrester core is responsible for preventing any electrical damage to the equipment by diverting the excess voltage to ground.

Surge arresters also include probes that provide a reliable conductive path and mating female contacts. Probes are used to prevent possible flashovers at equipment interfaces. In addition, a thick grounding wire can be used to draw out the effective impulse voltage after reaching the grounding position, further reducing the probability of equipment damage.

It is worth noting that the arrester should be installed in an appropriate environment and be careful when using it. The surge arrester must be adequately grounded and installed in a location that is easily accessible for maintenance. Also, they should be checked regularly to make sure they are working properly.

In short, the arrester is an important part of the lightning protection system. In addition to protecting against lightning strikes, their use is also critical to minimizing equipment damage and preventing data loss due to power surges. Understanding the role of each component of a surge arrester is critical to determining the proper type of arrester to use. With a high-quality surge arrester and proper installation and maintenance, businesses can rest easy knowing they are well protected from any adverse effects caused by a lightning strike.


Post time: May-18-2023