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Cold Shrinkable Cable Accessories

The cold shrink tube for power fittings is a material used for insulation and protection of power lines, usually made from polyolefin materials. The cold shrink tube has good heat resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance, and electrical insulation properties, which can effectively prevent the wires from being damaged or short-circuited by the external environment.

The usage of a cold shrink tube is very simple. These pre-expanded parts are placed on the treated cable end or joint, and the plastic spiral rod (supporting material) is removed from the inside to press it onto the cable insulation, forming a cable accessory. Because it shrinks to tightly wrap around the wire by elastic recovery force under normal temperature, it forms a complete protective layer.

The cold shrink tube for power fittings is widely used in various power equipment and wire protection and insulation, including high and low voltage cables, transformers, power cable terminations, etc. It is a very important component in the power industry.

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Post time: May-12-2023