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Features Of Conventional Arresters

1. The current capacity of the zinc oxide arrester is large
This is mainly reflected in the ability of lightning arresters to absorb various lightning overvoltages, power frequency transient overvoltages, and operating overvoltages. The current flow capacity of the zinc oxide arrester produced by Chuantai fully meets or even exceeds the requirements of national standards. Indicators such as line discharge level, energy absorption capacity, 4/10 nanosecond high current impact tolerance, and 2ms square wave current capacity have reached the domestic leading level.

2. Excellent protection characteristics of zinc oxide arresters
Zinc oxide arrester is an electrical product used to protect various electrical equipment in the power system from overvoltage damage, and has good protection performance. Because the non-linear volt-ampere characteristic of the zinc oxide valve plate is very good, so that only a few hundred microampere current can pass under the normal working voltage, it is easy to design a gapless structure, so that it has good protection performance, light weight, and small size. feature. When the over-voltage invades, the current flowing through the valve plate increases rapidly, and at the same time the amplitude of the over-voltage is limited, and the energy of the over-voltage is released. After that, the zinc oxide valve plate returns to a high resistance state, so that the power system works normally.

3. The sealing performance of zinc oxide arrester is good
The arrester element adopts a high-quality composite jacket with good aging performance and good airtightness, and measures such as controlling the compression of the sealing ring and adding sealant. The ceramic jacket is used as a sealing material to ensure reliable sealing and stable performance of the arrester.

4. The mechanical properties of zinc oxide arresters
Mainly consider the following three factors:
⑴ Earthquake force;
⑵The maximum wind pressure acting on the arrester
⑶ The top end of the arrester bears the maximum allowable tension of the wire.

5. The good decontamination performance of zinc oxide arrester
The gapless zinc oxide arrester has high pollution resistance.
The current level of creepage distance specified by the national standard is:
⑴Class II medium pollution area: creepage distance 20mm/kv
⑵ III level heavy pollution area: creepage distance 25mm/kv
⑶ Grade IV, extremely heavy pollution area: creepage distance 31mm/kv

6. he high operating reliability of zinc oxide arresters
The reliability of long-term operation depends on the quality of the product and whether the selection of the product is reasonable. The quality of its products is mainly affected by the following three aspects:
A. The rationality of the overall structure of the arrester;
B Volt-ampere characteristics and aging resistance characteristics of zinc oxide valves
C The sealing performance of the arrester.

7. Power frequency tolerance
Due to various reasons such as single-phase grounding, long-line capacitance effect and load dump in the power system, it will cause the rise of power frequency voltage or produce transient overvoltage with high amplitude. The arrester can withstand a certain power frequency within a certain period of time. Voltage increase capability.

Post time: Sep-29-2020