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A new type of lightning arrester is applied in qinghai power grid line in high altitude area

On April 7, qinghai electric power maintenance company completed the 330 – kilovolt li ning Ⅰ, new Ⅱ line lightning arrester installation work, before the thunderstorm season, with the use of new technologies for controlling the transmission line lightning protection, to promote the safe and stable operation of transmission line of high altitude area.This is the first time for Qinghai power grid to install a new insulator gap type lightning arrester, which can realize the transformation from passive “preventing” and “avoiding” to active “releasing” and “guiding” for lightning strike current.

All the time, qinghai power grid mainly adopts such measures as installing lightning conductor, installing controllable lightning rod and reducing the ground resistance of the pole tower.These traditional lightning protection methods have the problem of insufficient protection scope and intensity.

The new type of insulator gap arrester used in this lightning protection remediation work is composed of the arrester body and the gap insulator, which has the advantages of fast response to action, multiple lightning overvoltage resistance, large energy dissipation ability, good pollution resistance and so on.
Before the implementation of the project, Qinghai Electric Power Maintenance Company carried out high-altitude calibration. After repeated checking and calculation, the distance parameters that can meet the requirements of power frequency voltage and internal overvoltage as well as lightning protection under the condition of high altitude were determined, which effectively solved the high-altitude adaptability problem of the new type lightning arrester.

It is understood that state Grid Qinghai Electric Power Company began to put the lightning positioning system online in 2008, accumulated a lot of valuable data and collected more than 740,000 effective parameters, which effectively supported the analysis and research of the lightning protection work of the power grid.

Follow-up, qinghai electric power maintenance company will also Ⅱ line, 750 kv in 330 kv mountain ning guo line such as installation of new type Flange gap arrester.

Post time: Aug-18-2020