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Deadbreak T Rear Connector

  • Deadbreak T Rear Connector

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Anhuang specialized in Deadbreak T Rear Connector, we supply high quality Dead break T Rear Connector.


630A Deadbreak T rear connector can be use together with the T Fore connector and some other back connector, it can be provide more branches, and they can not together with the bushing directly, cover the back protection cap on the end of the blanking cover.


●Provides a fully screened and fully submersible separable connection when mated with the proper bushing or plug.

● Can be used under the circumstances

●Built-in capacitance test point to determine the circuit status or install a fault indicator.

●No minimum phase clearance requirements.

● Mounting can be vertical, horizontal, or any angle in between.

Kit Contents:

● 630A Deadbreak T body


● Conductor cable lug

● Connect lug

●Two head screw

●Silicone Lubricant、Clearing Paper

● Installation Instruction Sheet

● Quality Certificatep7


1 TWO HEAD SCREW: To make sure have a good contact with the apparatus bushing.

2、INSULATION: Molded EPDM insulating rubber is formulated and mixed in-house to ensure high quality.

3、INSULATING PLUG: Molded epoxy insulating plug provides excellent electrical, thermal and mechanical reliability.

4、SEMI-CONDUCTIVE INSERT: Molded EPDM conducting rubber screen controls electrical stress.

5、STRESS RELIEF: The configuration of the outer screen and the cable adapter provide cable stress relief.

6、GROUNDING EYE: Molded into the external screen for connection of an earthing wire.

7、SEMI-CONDUCTIVE SHIELD: Molded EPDM conducting rubber mates with the cable screen to maintain screen continuity and ensure that the assembly is at earth potential.

8、CONDUCTOR CABLE LUG: Aluminum compression connector is sized to ensure a cool running connector with maximum current transfer


Reference No. Conductor Cross Section(mm²) stretch range over insulation(mm)
AH HJ-12/630-25 25 16.6
AH HJ-12/630-35 35 17.6
AH HJ-12/630-50 50 19
AH HJ-12/630-70 70 20.6
AH HJ-12/630-95 95 22.2
AH HJ-12/630-120 120 23.6
AH HJ-12/630-150 150 25.2
AH HJ-12/630-185 185 26.7
AH HJ-12/630-240 240 29
AH HJ-12/630-300 300 31.2
AH HJ-12/630-400 400 34.4
AH HJ-12/630-500 500 37.2
Reference No. Conductor Cross Section(mm²) stretch range over insulation(mm)
AH HJ-24/630-35 35 18.6
AH HJ-24/630-50 50 19.6
AH HJ-24/630-70 70 21
AH HJ-24/630-95 95 22.6
AH HJ-24/630-120 120 24.2
AH HJ-24/630-150 150 25.6
AH HJ-24/630-185 185 27.2
AH HJ-24/630-240 240 28.7
AH HJ-24/630-300 300 31.1
AH HJ-24/630-400 400 33.2

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