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A SJT 15630A Cross connector

  • A SJT 15630A Cross connector
  • A SJT 15630A Cross connector

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Anhuang specialized in Cross connector, we supply high quality Cross connector.


l Connection with the switchgear casing can be achieved between multiple switchgear connection.

l System voltage: 8. 7 / 15kV \ 12 / 20kV.

l Continuous rated current: 630A \ 1250A.


l When combined with Type C bushings, a fully insulated and fully hermetically separable connection is provided. Unipolar, plug-in design.

l Busbar from the round copper rod(tube) composition, surface composite silicone rubber insulation.

l Shielded busbar with no minimum interphase distance requirements, free from pollution and condensate leakage.


Ordering Information:

Description Reference No.
12kv 630A/1250A Cross adapter AH SJT-12/630/1250
24kv 630A/1250A Cross adapter AH SJT-24/630/1250

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