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Anhuang specialized in Bushing well, we supply high quality Bushing well. Our products accord with IEEE386, and IEC standards.


15kV/24kV 200A Bushing Well is widely used in the high-voltage circuit of the pad-mounted, submersible transformer, switch gears, etc. A loadbreak bushing insert threads into a universal bushing well to provide the same function as an integral load break bushing. The bushing is used together with the cable accessories such as: bushing insert, Rotatable Feed thru Insert, etc.

The casing seat is molded using high quality insulating material, when mated with comparably rated products, it provides a fully shielded insulating connection.


Description Reference No. operating voltage operating nominal current
200A 15kV Bushing Well AH TGZ-15/200 15kV 200A
200A 24kV Bushing Well AH TGZ-24/200 24kV 200A


24kV 200A Rotatable Feedthru Insert

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