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24kV 200A Rotatable Feedthru Insert

  • 24kV 200A Rotatable Feedthru Insert

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Anhuang specialized in Rotatable Feedthru Insert,we supply high quality Rotatable Feedthru Insert. Our products accord with IEEE386, and IEC standards.


24kV 200A Rotatable feedthrough insert is used to provide dual bushings from a single apparatus bushing well。 It makes converting radial-feed transformers to feed thru transformers and adding in-line arrester protection both easy and practical. Its patented, built-in torque limiting ratchet prevents operators from accidentally breaking bushing well studs during installation.

The 200A Double-pass casing connector for connecting underground cable to distribution power system of pad-mound transformer, surrounding power supply branch box, using together with this is: load break elbow connector elbow surge arrester and apparatus bushing.

The Load break Elbows are molded using high quality sulfur-cured insulating and semi-conducting EPDM rubber, when mated with comparably rated products, the insert provides a fully shielded and submersible load break apparatus connection.

The Double-pass casing connector latch indicator ring, located on the circumference of the bushing’s collar, eliminates the guess work of load break elbow installation on the bushing interface. The bright yellow ring provides immediate feedback to determine if the elbow is properly installed on the bushing. if the yellow ring is completely covered by the load break elbow, it is fully latched, if the ring is visible, the elbow can be installed correctly before any problems occur.


1、PULLINGEYE: Stainless steel reinforced for positive shotgun stick switching operations.
2、INSULATION: High-quality EPDM rubber formulated, mixed, and milled in-house for consistent and reliable field performance.
3、SEMI-CONDUCTIVE INSERT: High-quality EPDM rubber creates a smooth surface around the “current interchange” to evenly distribute electrical stress within the insulation.
4、TEST POINT(OPTIONAL): Corrosion-resistance, conductive electrode provides consistent capacitive voltage for application of fault indicators and determining a circuit’s state (cap not shown)
5、SEMI-CONDUCTIVE SHIELD: High-quality EPDM rubber provides protective dead front shield that meets requirements of IEEE Standard 592.
6、LOADBREAK PROBE: Tin-plated copper probe with arc-ablative tip (arc follower)
Description Reference No. operating voltage operating nominal current
200A 24kV feed-thru Bushing Insert AH STT-24/200 24kV 200A
7、CONDUCTOR CABLE LUG: Inertia-welded aluminum barrel and threaded copper lug makes crimping easy and ensures a tight, reliable electrical connection with load break probe. Standard IEEE and CSA types available.

Description Reference No. operating voltage operating nominal current
200A 24kV feed-thru Bushing Insert AH STT-24/200 24kV 200A


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