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Ring Main Unit Loadbreak Switch

  • 12kV 630A loadbreak switch

    12kV 630A loadbreak switch

    Technical Parameters 12KV Content Unit Parameter Rated Voltage KV 12 Rated frequency HZ 50 Rated currency A 630 Rated short circuit withstand cu『rent KA 20/25 Rated peak withstand current KA 63 Rated short circuit duration s 2 Rated short circuit cloing current KA 63 Mechnicial life Time 10000 Open triphase dissimilar ms ≤2 Closing triphase dissimilar ms ≤2 Opening average speed mis 3-6 Closing average speed m/s 4-6 Air working step pressure fracture: 22KV -28...
  • SF6 Insulated Load Break Switch

    SF6 Insulated Load Break Switch

    Overview The load switch is a kind of switchgear with a simple arc extinguishing device. It uses SF6 gas as the insulation and arc extinguishing medium. It can be used as the closing and breaking load current and overload current. It can also be used as the closing and breaking no-load. Lines, no-load transformers and capacitor banks, etc., all three-position load switches with on, off and grounding functions are simple in structure and affordable. In addition to long life, strong breaking fo...