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What is Cold Shrinkable Tube Kit Outdoor

Cold shrink cable accessories have become popular over the years mainly because they are easy to install and maintain a constant tightening force even in harsh conditions. These cable accessories are vulcanized injection molded in injection molding equipment using elastomeric materials, typically silicone rubber and EPDM. They are then supported by inflated and plastic-lined helices to form a complete and reliable system.

One of the main advantages of cold shrink cable accessories is that they do not rely on heat shrink like traditional cable accessories. Instead, they have elastic recoils that activate at room temperature. This makes the installation process easier and more convenient, as no special tools or fire are required. All you need to do is pull out the inner support plastic helix and it will retract by its own elasticity to fit snugly around the cable.

Cold shrinkable cable accessories are widely used in low-voltage cable terminal processing. They maintain a constant tightening force and match the breathing of the cable to ensure excellent interface characteristics. The advanced vacuum high-pressure injection vulcanization molding production process makes the internal structure of the cable complete and free of defects. Less than 1pc can be placed on councils up to 21KV (8.7/15KV range), ensuring the highest quality level for your cable infrastructure.

Imported liquid silicone rubber, good insulation, good flexibility. The installation of the cable body always maintains constant radial pressure, small partial discharges and “breathing” of the cable body. Cold shrink cable accessories are designed to fit a wide range of cable diameters, making them more versatile and cost-effective. You can easily apply each cable diameter specification to various cable diameters.

The terminal body adopts cold-shrinkable finger sleeves, cold-shrinkable insulating tubes, and cold-shrinkable terminal sealing tubes. The intermediate connector adopts three-level waterproof sealing technology to ensure the excellent sealing performance and excellent moisture-proof performance of the accessories. This ensures that the accessories can withstand harsh environmental conditions for a long time.

Another advantage of cold-shrinkable cable accessories is that it is easy to install, and the operation is less dependent on technology and easier to master. Cable pre-treatment, short stripping distances and small installation space requirements make it ideal for tight spaces. The grounding method adopts a constant force spring to fix the grounding, without welding or copper binding wire, which is more efficient, safe and reliable.

Cold shrinkable cable accessories have anti-pollution, anti-aging, good hydrophobicity, excellent corrosion resistance, cold resistance, and anti-ultraviolet performance, ensuring long-term stable performance. It is especially suitable for high altitude areas, cold areas, humid areas, salt spray areas, and heavily polluted areas.

In conclusion, cold shrink cable accessories provide a reliable, convenient and cost-effective solution for cable infrastructure. The combination of elastomeric material, expansion and plastic lined helix makes these cable accessories versatile and easy to install. Advanced production technology, excellent insulation, high flexibility, long-term stable performance. Cold shrink cable accessories are designed for harsh environmental conditions and are ideal for your cable network infrastructure.

Post time: Apr-28-2023