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Cold-shrinkable sleeve products can provide a safe protection and give a sealed connection to the communication coaxial line. It is commonly used as a moisture-proof rubber seal at the junction of communication base stations, wireless communication towers and other exposed coaxial lines. The cold-shrinkable tube is relative to the PVC heat-shrinkable tube. The cold-shrinkable tube does not need to be heated. The physical method first expands the EPDM or silicone tube into the support point strip, and then pulls out the support point strip. Open up.

Cold-shrinkable tube generally refers to the use of cold-shrinkable technical tubular cable accessories, which have the functions of insulating layer, sealing and safety protection. The cold folding technique is also called the pre-expansion technique. Because it is folded by the ductile shrinkage force at the normal temperature, it is not like the raw material of the heat shrinkable film to be heated and folded, so it is also called the cold folding technique. The common raw materials for cold shrinkable tubes are silica gel and ethylene propylene rubber. Cold shrinkable tubes have the advantages of light weight, convenient and fast actual operation, no tools, wide application fields and few product models. Compared with heat-shrinkable film products, it does not need to be heated with special tools, and it can also be inseparably sealed under the condition of thermal expansion and contraction, and it is not easy to cause gaps due to thermal expansion and contraction.

Cold-shrinkable tubes are widely used in power engineering and communication industries. The construction process of cold-shrinkable tubes in applications:

1. Clean up the position that must be protected to ensure that there is no dust or burrs in the safety protection position
2. Put on the cold shrinkable sleeve
3. Install the connector
4. Extract the support point strip
5. Installation is complete

It must be noted that the starting and ending coordinates of the cold shrinkable tube are very important. The support points must be slowly extracted to make the casing completely fixed. When extracting the support points, the extraction should be slow and uniform. If the extraction is too fast, it will cause damage. The silicone hoses overlap, thereby compromising the actual effect of sealing.
Different types of cold shrinkable tubes are used in industries such as moisture-proof sealing of communication base stations, moisture-proof sealing of communication base station connectors, and moisture-proof of antenna-feeder system software connectors.

Post time: Aug-02-2022