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High voltage switchgear type

High-voltage switchgear refers to the functions of on-off, control or protection in the power generation, transmission, distribution, power conversion and consumption of the power system. The high-voltage switchgear is used for electrical products with a voltage level of 3.6kV~550kV, high-voltage isolation switches and grounding switches, high-voltage load switches, high-voltage automatic reclosing and sectionalizers, high-voltage operating mechanisms, high-voltage explosion-proof power distribution devices and high-voltage switch cabinets. category.

Commonly used high voltage cabinet types:

(1) Ring main unit – load switch cabinet

It is used in low-base distribution room or high-base distribution room with transformer capacity less than 1250kVA.

Common distribution cabinet models: HXGN15-12, Safe-Ring, SM6

1 switch bay; 2 busbar bay; 3 cable bay; 4 operating mechanism bay; 5 control guard bay


(2) Central cabinet – circuit breaker cabinet

It is used in high-base power distribution rooms (generally, the capacity of a single transformer is larger than 1250kVA).

Common model: KYN28-12

Common circuit breaker models: VD4, VS1

1 secondary instrument room; 2 busbar room; 3 circuit breaker handcart room; 4 cable


(3) Fixed power distribution cabinet

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