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600A Deadbreak Tee Tap Connector

  • 600A Deadbreak Tee Tap Connector

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Anhuang specialized in Deadbreak Tee Tap Connector, we supply high quality Deadbreak Tee Tap Connector.


Connecting screw: tin-plated copper double-headed screw, and casing to ensure close coordination.

Crimp terminal: Depending on the cable material, select the copper crimp terminal or copper-aluminum crimp terminal.

The outer semiconducting layer: prefabricated EPDM conductive rubber and cable shielding to achieve continuous shielding, and to ensure that the outer half The conductive layer is in a grounded state.

The insulation layer: the unique formula and mixing technology to ensure that the quality of pre-made EPDM insulation rubber quality.

Stress cone: to improve the electric field distribution.

The semi-conductive layer: prefabricated EPDM conductive rubber effective control of electrical stress.

The voltage test points: for testing whether the line charged with the need and charged indicator.

Grounded eye: the equipment ground.

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Reference No. Conductor cross section(mm²) Stretch range over insulation(mm)
AH TⅡT 15/24/600-XX


Insulation Diameter

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