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25kV 630A Type Two-Position Oil Immersed Load Switch

  • 25kV 630A Type Two-Position Oil Immersed Load Switch
  • 25kV 630A Type Two-Position Oil Immersed Load Switch

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25kV 630A Type Two-Position Oil Immersed Load Switch


With the transformer oil as insulation and arc extinction medium and energy storing spring operating mechanism, this two-position oil immersed load switch applies to the combined transformer with 50Hz frequency and 25kV rated voltage, it is capable to turn on and off the load current. Equipped with ON and OFF two positions, the clockwise turn is “ON”, while anticlockwise is “OFF”, the rotation angle should be controlled within 90°. In addition, it can be suitable for end power distribution system or ring-network power distribution system if equipped extra configurations.


Main technical parameters


Overall dimension



Reservation installation size for transformer housing




Load switch installation


Before installation, please check whether the switching motion is flexible and accurate carefully, only after confirmed to be under good condition, the installation can be implemented, in addition, the load switch must be dried under 65±5℃condition by 24h.








5) After installation and connection, it is suggested to carry out “open” and “close” operation to check if the switch can be moved flexibly and if the position indication is correct, if any abnormal, please check the installation of switch and the connection of busbar according to article 2 and 4.


Points for attention


1) This load switch can be used to open or close rated current only, while the application for closing and opening the failure current. If over rated current, forbidden to operate switch.

2) Only the special insulated operating arm can be used to operate this load switch to ensure personal safety.


Connection Diagram



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